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 Elevate Festival 2014 - 23.-26.Oct @ Graz

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PostajNaslov: Elevate Festival 2014 - 23.-26.Oct @ Graz   2/10/2014, 16:51

Elevate #10
23.10. – 26.10. at Graz

Danceable club music, experimental sound art and world improvement - since 2005 the city of Graz is home to a festival that is one of a kind within Europe. Over several days human rights activists, climatologists, technology and media specialists, and political scientists as well as pioneers of electronic music, small DIY labels and avant-garde musicians of various subgenres occupy the tranquil town on the river Mur. Lectures, panel discussions, film screenings and workshops during the day, award ceremonies, concerts, performances, and DJ line-ups in the evening – with this concept the Elevate Festival became one of the most influential forerunners for intelligent participation in the context of advanced club culture.

Music & Arts

Emptyset (UK) AUX 88 (US) Vessel (UK) Source Direct (UK) Rhys Chatham (US) Fracture (UK) Shit And Shine (US) Noveller (US) Broken.Heart.Collector (AT) Homeboy (HR) Fuckhead (AT) Rebekah Aff (DE) 3 RAR (AU) Mentalien (HU) Mimu + Lukas Lauermann (AT) DJ Scotch Bonnet (JP) IZC (AT) Jerobeam Fenderson (AT) Cascao & Lady Maru (IT) OchoReSotto (AT) [[[Altar:Thron]]] (AT) Forever Traxx (AT) Macello Basstrojani (AT) The Striggles (AT) Nino Sebelic & TJ Hicks (AT) orjo (AT) Bitz & Puschmann (AT) doze (AT) Interpenetration DJ Team (AT)

Anna Kim (KR/AT) bagg*fish (AT/IT/US) Burkhard Stangl (AT) Christof Kurzmann (AT) Jörg Piringer (AT) Jurczok 1001 (CH) Pia Palme (AT) Raoul Schrott (AT) Roberta Busechian (IT) Ursula Rucker (US)

Full lineup (tickets here):

Discourse & Activism

Amy Goodman (US), John Holloway (MX), Kate Tempest (UK), Pat Mooney (CA), Micah Lee (US), Shoshana Zuboff (US), Silke Helfrich (DE), Nafeez Ahmed (UK), Ulrich Brand (DE), Erich Moechel (AT), Irmi Salzer (AT), Michel Bauwens (BE), Miriam Rasch (NL), Felix Stalder (CH), Antonino D'Ambrosio (US), Joana Varon (BR), Friederike Habermann (DE), Susanne Jordan (DE), Tsvetan Usunov (BG), Ulli Klein (AT), Markus Sabadello (AT), Jan Suhr (DE), Claudia Garád (AT), Regina Joschika (AT) u.v.m.
+ video message: Vandana Shiva (IN)

Full program (free entry!):
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Elevate Festival 2014 - 23.-26.Oct @ Graz

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