Breakbeat, dnb, dubstep, psy, dub, tech, jazz, funk, rock etc...
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 Big Pimp Jones

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Big Pimp Jones
Funk / Hip Hop

Citat :
Our goal has always been taking some hip-hop lyrics and putting them on top of funk. We're talking about that funk where you interrupt yourself to say something like "aaaaawwwwwWWWW YEAH!", stop macking, then run across the room to the DJ booth to see what that funky-ass record is, cause you gotta have it! We've been doing this thang for about 10 years now, just doing our best to give some funk back to hip-hop (since hip-hop's been in a taking mood with the funk). >>>>Now, for some fun facts about Big Pimp Jones: 1. We used to go by the name 'K.R.O. and the House band of the Apocalypse'. 2. We've released 2 albums on tape (on longer available), 8 albums on CD, 1 single under the name K.R.O. and 2 double-sided singles under assumed names. 3. We reside in the Philadelphia area. 4. We're the only band in history to have all five band members be named People magazine's 'Sexiest man of the year' (over different years, of course). 5. We're from the future. 6. Our malt liquor of choice is Hurricane. 7. We would run up on people, do a rambo, whip out the jammy and flat-blast them fools, but we don't want to mess up our $3700 Lynx coats.

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Big Pimp Jones

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