Breakbeat, dnb, dubstep, psy, dub, tech, jazz, funk, rock etc...
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PostajNaslov: Popof   30/6/2010, 10:43

Electronica / Experimental / Techno

Popof is a French D.J/composer/arranger hailing from the Rave Party scene.

A previous member of the underground collective Heretik System, he has participated to numerous events throughout France, Europe, the Middle-East, Asia, and Latin America .
Today, he stresses his preference towards minimal techno and electro. His EP, Ť Alcoolic ť, released on the label AFU LTp in 2007 was a huge success. He has produced high-profile remixes such as Ť Bells of Brighton ť on CR2 records, Ť No Trace ť on Renaissance, "Emotional distortion" on Audio Therapy. Popof has also tackled major artists such as Moby with a remix of ''I like to move it in here'' on Turbo and Mute records, and Tiga whose hit '' Sunglasses at night''s remix became the number one record according to Beatport for two weeks. Tocadisco's "Superstar" was also ranked second on Beatport.

Popof is also a versatile artist and tries to explore the various genres in music. The French artist's list of remixes includes records issued by Rock artists such as ''Half in love with Elizabeth'' on 679 records by Mystery Jets, a band managed by Erol Alkan, '' Road rage'' by John Starlight from Zombie Nation on cocoon recordings, '' All that jazz'' by Lutzenkirchen on Greatstuff records and finally "1000 lords" by Butch on Craft music, "One 23 four" by Martin Solveig , ‘’Weak ‘’ by Skunk anansie , " Hole to feed " by Depeche mode on Mute and many more Projects soon to be released .

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