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 Burro Morto

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PostajNaslov: Burro Morto   21/3/2010, 08:25

Burro Morto
Psychedelic / Afro-beat / Progressive

Burro Morto was born out of a meeting of the hot, restless minds of five musicians in Parahyba, Brazil bent on exploring the sensorial possibilities of merging new sounds with old and breathing homegrown Brazilian groove and shake into the mix. The tunes that result are an evocative blend of afrobeat, jazz-rock, funk and psychedelia that bends and stretches in unexpected ways, vibrating with a lysergic energy that could threaten the sanity of your hips were it not all so well-contained in the musical sensibility of the land of the Gilbertos.

The co-conspirators in this confusion of plugs, delays, filters and oscillators are Haley (keyboards, melodica), Daniel Ennes Jesi (bass), Nacho Gonçalves (percussion), Ruy José (drums) and Leo Marinho (electric guitar). Last year, they released an EP, “Pousada bar, tv & video”, that contains the first sketches of their sound, and was laced with subliminal promise for the next record. On their first full-length album, Varadouro, that promise is kept in a lush, exotic musical package that expands on Pousada bar, tv & video with Brazilian aplomb.

The band is currently nesting in its den, stretching the limits of its creative imagination, and committing the results to magnet for the sake of art and Brazil.

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Burro Morto

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