Breakbeat, dnb, dubstep, psy, dub, tech, jazz, funk, rock etc...
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 RMS & Peak

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rms & peak
Breakbeat / Psychedelic / Techno

RMS (Mart) grew up on the sounds from artists such as Jean Michel Jarre and got into Dance Music from an early age, playing Drum and Bass in the early days, then progressing to Breaks in 2001.

Peak(Adam) had been writing hard style dance music under the name Ephexis, and psy under the name 'Atomic Species'.

In 2008 Mart and Adam joined forces and went about fusing their individual styles into what they are producing now. They quickly realised that there was a certain chemistry behind the decks, and so the project started.

Together they formed as 'RMS & peak' and set about fusing their styles and found a combination which complimented each other in the studio; What was born was a concophany of chunky breakbeats, acidic twisted elements and dark psychedelic undertones. After a number of successful gigs, 'RMS & Peak' had established themselves as a credible breakbeat act.

Ten Dimensions by RMS & Peak - video by VJ ASM
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RMS & Peak

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