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 Easy Tempo Records

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Easy Tempo
Healing & EasyListening / Jazz / Funk

Easy Tempo record label is an incredible sound experience representing the absolute magic of Italian film music. Born out of the urgency to deliver worldwide the outstanding 60's and 70's obscure Italian cinematic scene, Easy Tempo label has established itself as one of the most creative and influential re-issue labels of the 90's. For the first time ever, the huge and hidden production of Italian film and background music has been approached with a cool jazzy, funky, latin, psychedelic and experimental touch. The Easy Tempo series of 10 Volumes is the heaviest and most comprehensive manifesto of 90's lounge, cinematic and easy listening movement. The number of Italian and foreign labels and artists who inspired themselves to Easy Tempo is extensive. The very attentive selection of complete soundtracks re-issues made Easy Tempo a Timeless and Stainless label. The most representative artist, Piero Umiliani, has charged easy Tempo with the great task to put out his complete personal catalogue. After a strategic pit stop in 2001 due to the excess of presence of reissue labels born from nowhere and with no real personal identity, Easy Tempo in the end of 2007 will re-start his dreaming mission to please all passionate folks around the globe. Original Soundtracks and Jazz albums of amazing quality will start floating again. To soon!

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Easy Tempo Records

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