Breakbeat, dnb, dubstep, psy, dub, tech, jazz, funk, rock etc...
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 Compost Records

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Compost Records
Electronica / House / Nu-Jazz

Citat :
Compost Records was founded by Michael Reinboth in 1994. Nowadays with 280 catalogue releases Compost is still one of the most forward-thinking and strongest indie labels in Germany. With an worldwide distribution network, Compost gained a top international reputation and quickly much respect for the label policy, music, artwork and of course the artists (which we would like to thank here, it wouldn't be possible without all of you!).Among the artists on Compost Records are Trüby Trio, Rainer Trüby, Beanfield, Koop, Karma, Soil & Pimp, Fauna Flash, Alif Tree, Alex Attias Presents Mustang, Ben Mono, Marsmobil, Felix Laband, Muallem,
Kyoto Jazz Massive, Syrup, Minus 8, Nova Dream Sequence (King Britt), Eddy Meets Yannah, Wei-Chi, Intuit, Moonstarr, Joseph Malik, Rima, Florian Keller, Soulpatrol, Rima, A Forest Mighty Black , Les Gammas, Shahrokh SoundOfK, Julius Kammerl and many others.Compost runs several highly acclaimed compilation series like Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 1-11, Glücklich Vol. 1-5, Soulsearching, Party-Keller Vol. 1-2, Ennio Morricone Remix Project, and Elaste Vol. 1-2. Furthermore Compost runs two sublabels: Compost Black Label for house, techy, quirky or deep clubmusic, and drumpoet.comUNITY, latest in cooperation with Zurich based Alex Dallas, Tobi Forster and Ron Shiller aka Soultourist, Quarion and Kawabata.
Compost was nominated for several awards, for example for "Best German Dance Label" in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Beanfield, Trüby Trio, Jazzanova Beanfield (on JCR), DJ Linus (on Compose) among others entered number 1 at German Club Charts (DCC). Compost's quality in music, design and individual sound touching so much genres, so it's not easy to describe, best maybe as a full spectrum label with patience for soulful, high standard electronic and acoustic music. To keep it simple: we love good music. Beside the huge artist roster, Compost released many top class remixes by
the likes of:Carl Craig, AME, Moodyman, S.W.A.G., I-Cube, Jazzanova,Quantic, Tiefschwarz, International Pony, Needs, Kabuki, Peshay, Krust, Straight Ahead, Chicken Lips, The Glimmers, Moonstarr, Dr. Rockit, Dixon, Chateau Flight, Masters At Work, YamWho?, Senor Coconut, Wighnomy Brothers, Patrick Pulsinger, Dan Curtin, Nick Holder, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nicola Conte, Tony Nwachukwu, 4Hero, Afronaught, John Tejada and many many more. Visit WWW.COMPOST-RECORDS.COM. You will find music, playlists, videos, links, we are doing also direct Mailorder incl. t-shirts, records, CDs, and many specials like the 45Twister. You're very welcome to listen to Soulsearching the Compost Radio Show, weekly on dozens on-air stations or the internet. The radio show is presented and organized by Michael Rütten (Soulpatrol).

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Compost Records

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