Breakbeat, dnb, dubstep, psy, dub, tech, jazz, funk, rock etc...
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 Master Margharita

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Registration date : 14.10.2007

PostajNaslov: Master Margharita   19/9/2009, 08:37

master margherita
Ambient / Down-tempo / Psychedelic

Precursor, lover of new auditory formulas, this enlightened musician edits his sonic metamorphosis solo and tickles the substance considered as the seat of intellectual faculties. His ingenious dubnbass improvisations send us to those unexplored parts of the brain. Royal, magnificient, Master Margherita overflows with intelligent creativity and excels in the production of concrete abstraction. Obstinated,hard worker, this speculator of electronic sinuosities could relate to an action painter,totally invested in a daring artistic elaboration,revelatory of new dream spaces. (text by Espe)

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Master Margharita

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