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 Space Funghi Project

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PostajNaslov: Space Funghi Project   14/7/2009, 08:11

Space Funghi Project
Experimental / Lounge / Nu-Jazz

With an abstract flow, reminiscent of Miles Davis after a long night on cocktails, playing over Red Holt, in the Mos Eisley Bar. The unique programming and blending of the live instrumentation (drums, bass, guitar and sax.) mixes many different styles and moods together.The result is a hybrid of electro/ lounge/ ambient/ drumn'bass/ fusion and jazz(now thats a lot of genres all in one). Their music helps paint a picture of spectacular sunsets in the bands' native sunny Mexico. In fact, the music is almost like a visual kaleidoscope that takes the audience through a fusion of sounds and sights.Space Funghi Project begins in 2001, when all the members were playing on a Mexican TV show as a sessions musicians , they get together, jam a bit, and was enough for sort out a session in PAC Audio Studios, which consist in play some human loops for hours and recorded with 2 ambiental microphones.They were recorded 20 sessions and Dr. Panic spent 1 year trying to fusion electronic psychedelic sounds with the human touch . The result was the Sirius Records release "Elektrik Psylocibe Experience", and also there are 2 bonus tracks that were recorded on between 2003 and 2004.In 2009 will be re-released the "Elektrik Psylocibe Experience" (Three Sixty Records, Us) , that includes unreleased tracks of the "E.P.E." session never released before .Also by the end of 2009 will be ready the new S.F.P. album, titled for now "Oddity". showcasing the new sound of S.F.P. into the electronic - psychedelic - jazz territories. “Space Funghi Project Sound like a night out listening to Red Holt, Miles Davis and Malo Playing together, with a long cocktail session in the Mos Eisley Bar.” Their unique programming and production style with blending of live instrumentation (drums, bass, guitar and sax), results in a hybrid of unique sounds.
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Space Funghi Project

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