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 The Bongolian

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PostajNaslov: The Bongolian   14/7/2009, 07:51

The Bongolian
Latin / Psychedelic / Funk

While still writing and performing with Big Boss Man, multi-instrumentalist Nasser Bouzida, disappeared into the studio to create a brand new sound in the name of his new alter ego The Bongolian. As The Bongolian, Nasser takes us on a solo musical journey through heavy Funk and Latin Soul writing, performing and recording all the material himself in the process. And for a young man whoseprincipal interests are drums and percussion being The Bongolian makes a whole lotta sense. Drawing on all his past influences, Nass produced an inspired recording blending elements of Funk, Soul and Jazz withgrinding percussion and heavy Bongo rhythms. The new sound is epitomised by the funky rhythmic stomp of his debut single 'Bongohead', and the eponymous 'The Bongolian' album which was released early in 2003, to much critical acclaim. The Bongolian's debut gig was a headline slot at the prestigious Rennes Jazz Festival in France. This has been followed by more gigs in Europe and a series of UK gigs including a sell out hometown show at Londons Metro Club. In 2005,The Bongolian toured with Holly Golightly (as support and also playing in her band) in the UK, the USA and Germany, as well as recording with her on her forthcoming new album. blueprint: the bongo-funk evolution continues... So, finally the wait is over! Mr Bouzida has now completed 'Blueprint' the next stage of his Bongo Funk evolution, due out March 06. This is Nass in his element, taking us on a musical journey of dirty bongo driven Funk and spaced-out Latin Soul all 100% Heavy Bongo Vibes. Written, arranged, performed and produced by entirely by Nass at his Ramshackle Studios on analogue 8 track, and mixed by Mike Pelanconi (Graham Coxon, Big Boss Man).Please note, this album contains NO SAMPLES, just a groove that sounds good!

nedavno ovo otkrio! vrh
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PostajNaslov: Re: The Bongolian   25/7/2009, 12:36

Super su Bongoliansi, preporuke! Very Happy
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The Bongolian

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