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 Mustafa Özkent

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PostajNaslov: Mustafa Özkent   17/6/2009, 06:19

...naletio sam nedavno na album (Gençlik Ile Elele) ovog opskurnog turčina i prava je delicija, tako da zaslužuje barem topik cheers

Mustafa Özkent

Turkish composer, arranger, guitar player and
producer Mustafa Özkent was a lesser-known but significant figure on
the Ankara music scene until his music belatedly found a receptive
audience in the West more than four decades into his career.
launched his career as a professional musician in Radio Ankara.A
talented guitarist who was known to modify the design of his
instruments to create unusual tonal qualities,
Özkent earned a
reputation as a gifted maverick and by the dawn of the 1970s was in
Istanbul demand as a session player, arranger, and producer, creating
music that fused psychedelic and pop/rock influences with R&B
grooves and jazz-influenced improvisations.
In 1973, Özkent
partnered with Evren Records, a Turkish label known for its high
production standards and audiophile recording techniques; Özkent booked
time at one of Istanbul's finest recording facilities, and with a
hand-picked team of musicians he began recording new material dominated
by funky vamps, extended percussion jams, hard-grooving organ lines,
and wah-wah guitars.
The resultant LP, Gençlik ile Elele (Hand in
Hand with Youth), sounded as if it were designed for hip-hop DJs in
search of funky breaks, even though it was cut years before the nascent
South Bronx scene began to flower (not to mention half a world away).

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Mustafa Özkent

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