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PostajNaslov: Kyuss   16/3/2009, 14:29

Kyuss was an influential stoner rock/desert rock band, originally from Palm Desert, California. After forming in the late 1980s and releasing an EP under the name Sons of Kyuss in 1990, the band shortened its name to Kyuss. Over the next five years the band released four full-length albums before splitting up in 1995. Since then, members of Kyuss went on to form or feature in several notable bands including Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Unida, Brant Bjork, Mondo Generator, Hermano and Slo Burn. The band formed in the late 1980s under the name Sons of Kyuss. The name was taken from a creature found in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. In 1989 the band recorded their eponymous debut EP, Sons of Kyuss, which was their only release to feature Chris Cockrell on bass. After self-releasing the EP in 1990, the band recruited a new bassist, Nick Oliveri, and shortened their name to Kyuss. Kyuss' first line-up consisted of vocalist John Garcia, guitarist Joshua Homme, bassist Nick Oliveri and drummer Brant Bjork. The band gradually built a local following in Palm Desert, California and frequently performed at parties in and around the isolated towns of Southern California's desert areas. These impromptu shows, referred to as "generator parties",consisted of small crowds of people, beer drinking, and the use of gasoline-powered generators to provide electricity for the equipment.Homme commented that playing in the desert "was the shaping factor for the band" noting that "there's no clubs here, so you can only play for free. If people don't like you, they'll tell you. You can't suck." The band then signed with independent record label Dali Records, who released their debut album, Wretch, in September 1991. Many of the songs on the album were re-recorded versions of those that appeared on the Sons of Kyuss EP. Under-produced and poorly financed, album sales were sluggish even as their live shows gained fame. However, guitarist Josh Homme soon gained a reputation for his downtuned, psychedelic style of guitar playing, and his convention of playing electric guitars through bass guitar amplifiers to create a bass-heavy sound. In 1992 the band, along with producer Chris Goss, began work on their next album, Blues for the Red Sun. Released in June that year, the album was critically hailed and is often regarded as a pioneering stoner rock record. By the end of 1993 they were invited to open nine dates for Metallica touring Australia.just before touring in support of Blues for the Red Sun, bassist Nick Oliveri left the band and was replaced by Scott Reeder. The band then signed with Elektra Records (Dali Records had hit financial problems) and released Welcome to Sky Valley (known more for the aforementioned title, it was actually a self titled release) in 1994. The album received critical acclaim and, musically, demonstrated a much more psychedelic sound. However, personal problems soon tore the group apart and drummer Brant Bjork left following a brief tour of the album, to be replaced by Alfredo Hernández. In July 1995, they released their fourth and final album, ...And the Circus Leaves Town. The album was not as successful as Sky Valley, though a video was made for "One Inch Man", the album's only official single thus far. Shortly after its release, Kyuss decided to disband in October of that year.

kyuss@myspace & kyuss@myspace

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PostajNaslov: Re: Kyuss   17/3/2009, 13:43

kyussi su super bend. pravi stoneri Very Happy
blues for the red sun, welcome to the sky walley.. heh, odličan bend.
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