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PostajNaslov: Interview - Robosapiens   13/5/2008, 13:26

Citat :
Name: Jamie Flukes
Artist: Robosapien’s, DHD (Die Hippie Die)
Height: 5’11
Shoe size: UK 9
Waist: 32inch’s
Car: I would most like to own: Buccatti fastest thing out there and only 500 or so made at a price that would equal a third world debt.
Band: Too many to mention, grew up on Pixies, Janes Addiction, NIN etc more recently LCD, Digitalism
Movie: Too many to mention but Fight Club, Devils Rejects, Secretary
Blonde or brunette? I like all women laughs blonde, brunette, dark hair variety is the spice of life
Phase or flange? Phaser flange is a bit 80’s now.

Did you start out as a DJ, a producer, a promoter...?

I actually started out playing bass and gtr in bands from the age of 11 mainly rock, punk and indie. I moved to Bristol as a session player then got the dance music bug. I then started to DJ. At the time Bristol was in the spotlight with Massive attack and was a melting pot of lots of good dance music from drum and bass, hip hop through to techno. As a country boy was suddenly exposed to all this different music. I gave up playing in bands and bought some decks.

Describe your taste in breaks (what kind of breaks do you /play/produce)?

Anything techy, funky and tearing I would never make or play anything I couldn’t dance too. With the production I am always trying to take it up a level and do something different to the last track. Although we are know with the Robosapien’s stuff for our acid sound. Obviously what you play and write you are a product of your surroundings and I have always been into techno so with some of the stuff there is now the occasional 4/4 track. Because the Robosapiens are known for their acid sound the DHD project I have going with Jake from Edit records has a different more commercial sound as I want to do different stuff.

Why did you decide to start a record label?

A couple of reasons firstly we had just started producing as Robosapien’s and had just been signed to a label who didn’t seem to be too into what we were doing. After a year of being signed and no records out thought fuck it lets put it out ourselves. We write a lot of stuff and it was great to have an outlet for it that we had control over. Added to that we were hearing lots of up and coming producers that were getting overlooked by the breaks scene. I wanted Dead Famous to be an outlet for new up and coming breaks artists. I am proud to say that we have been home to artists like Bitrok, Hyperion, Break The Box , Vital Substance etc that have all been picked up for tracks on other labels like Titlefight, Used And Abused etc . We’ve got more exciting artists this year more talented people that work hard at what they do.

What or who influenced you to produce and dj?

Well as I came from a band background it was stuff like Orbital, Hardfloor and all the Megadog scene as it was ok to like dance music, then Aphex Twin, then I got heavily into the MetalHeadz and early drum and bass. That got me into DJ’ing playing out in Bristol. Production as a musician was a natural step. I had a friend Simon who taught me MIDI (well tried to back then laughs) and started me off with some software and it went from there. I only really started to do it properly when me and Steve started Robosapiens 3 years back.

What are your past and current breakbeat releases so far?

Chasing the Buzz / Monkey Drummer – Dead Famous
What’s wrong / Come on – Dead Famous
Acid Reign / AMB Mix – Sinister Recordings
Cold Sweat / Ben & Lex Remix – Wuteva Recordings
New World Order / the Truth – Dead Famous
Fuck Off Peaches / Trussed – Dead Famous
What’s going to Happen with Jmekka – Ibreaks Recordings
Robosapiens – Infected – Dead Famous
DHD – Scene – Dead Famous

Vital Substance – Getting it off (Robosapiens Remix) – Dead Famous
Bitrok – The Real (Robosapiens Remix) – Dead Famous
Vital Substance – Crowd Control (Robosapiens Remix) – Systematica
4Kuba – Jonny Depp (Robosapiens Remix) – Systematica
Mcqueen – Don’t Be Fooled (DHD Remix) – Edit Records
Jmekka & Jbass – Freestyle (Robosapiens FT Sneaky Kreeps Rmx) - Ibreaks

Gm Dollar Robojack Ghost in the Machine – Spooky Stereo

Do you play vinyl, cd or digital in your sets?

Well as a label owner of a label that sells vinyl I try to still play vinyl along with cd. I think if you want people to buy your vinyl you need to be using it yourself. I still think it feels the best. But realistically now as most of the stuff I play in a set is unreleased or a studio track by us it is more and more just getting to be cd’s I use.

Describe your studio set-up.

I have a small studio setup in a room in the house. Recently ive sound treated the room bass traps etc and its sounds sweet. We have a couple of laptop MAC’s in the house but I use a desktop PC running Cubase 3 for my production, I guess I just find it easy after using a PC for years and Cubase makes sense for MIDI.Wont be changing to 4 until they sort the bugs out. A MOTU 828, Mackie 828’s for monitors and audioprop stands filled with sand, Remote SL MIDI controller and a few bits of outboard kit like compressors etc although now most stuff is done on the PC. Have a real Roland 303 but have been using the D16 plugins as the accent is a bit hit and miss on the real one now and the sound isn’t that far off. I also use a lot of Native instrument products soft synth wise . I am currently lusting after a Virus TI snow so think that might be the next buy.

What clubs do you play at?

Well i play basically all over from Spain to Japan to France etc. In the Uk we play as far a field as Scotland, Sheffield, London, Canterbury etc anywhere we get booked. Our main home is SUMO Cardiff, Acidic Bristol and Spectrum Bristol where we have residencies. We have just started our Dead Famous and Edit records night in Bristol. We are on our second month but that’s fast becoming home and the first place to catch upfront sets by us and the two labels artists plus a tight set of residents. In fact it’s ideal a small sweaty club with a good system in our home town where we get to play once a month amongst friends if not out the country.

Whats your best gig so far?

Nuits Des Sonares Festival in Lyon last year 6000 strong people going nuts thanks Max, WOMB in Tokyo is a fav and I have been lucky to play last 3 years, UNIT Tokyo supporting the Stanton’s was also off the scale and the Dead Famous Launch night at SUMO Cardiff

Whats your worst gig so far?

Well without shaming any promoter’s ........ Gent in Belgium was the worst ever. We were booked to play a club and when we got there the club had closed, the promoter had told the other UK breaks DJ's but not us so we traveled 6 hrs to play a wine bar ! Shocking: Basically if you book the Robosapien’s there are two of us so we need a 2 hr set! so a constant windup is getting an hr set which means 6 or 7 records each and we expect the equipment to work.............promoters you know who you are.

What's the craziest thing that ever happened to you on a road trip?

Well theres been a lot of crazyness from airports ,getting lost, arrested etc. There was the Phil Collins tour and the dead hooker but legally me and Steve Sapien aren’t allowed to talk about that. France made me laugh when hitch hiking back to the hotel after spending my taxi money on alcohol a car stopped a blonde women was offering me a lift. As I got close to the car realized it wasn’t a women but a very and I mean very bad transvestite.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Smoke, I am from Cornwall originally and a mad surfer so I go whenever I get the chance. When I’m in the water I am not thinking about music and relaxing. I also watch a lot of movies.

How many hours/week do you spend mixing/producing?

Every waking minute I am doing label stuff from admin to studio work. I work 2 days a week with young people where I am away from the studio and Dead Famous but its DJ workshops so I don’t get much of a break from music. I always enjoy DJ’ing out live but as normally so busy haven’t mixed much at home for last few years. If I have a bit of spare time I want to spend it making tunes. Although I have just recently rekindled my love of mixing again though so spending even more time now mixing and enjoying it at home like the early days.

List some of your favorite breakbeat producers (past/present):

Well it sounds strange but present I am constantly buzzing off the Dead Famous artists. Say Luigi Break The Box or Bitrok play me something it raises the bar and drives me to do something better. JMekka, General Midi, Introspective, Elite Force , Myles Dyson , Hyperion, Bitrok , Break The Box , Boys Noize , Digitalism are all floating my boat recently. Back in the day the early Disuye tracks like “You Weirdo” were a massive influence on me and Steve to start Dead Famous. When I first got into breaks it was Koma And Bones,Blim,Plumps,Meat Katie that were all massive influences.

Are there any upcoming collaborations you'd like to let us in on?

When the Bitrok boys were over for breakspoll they came to stay in Bristol for a week and there is a Bitrok Robosapiens collaboration in the pipeline which will be coming out on Dead Famous. Also the Robosapiens album will be coming out at some stage. We’ve had some guests doing collaberations on that such as rapper Little Rhys and Hannah lead singer from Cute Looney for some non breaks tracks. Its going to be a little different but very much us so hopefully people will like it. Also there are some tracks beginning to rear their head from mine and Jake (Sneaky Kreeps Edit Records) DHD collaboration which I am very excited about.

Did you ever invite your parents to come out and see you play?

I have before but thankfully they didn’t come due to it might be a bit loud:) Saying that my parents keep all my flyers and records. My Dad is a musician so they are very supportive.

Do you ever get nervous while you are DJing?

All the time especially if it’s a big gig or we have been in the studio for a longtime and haven’t played out for a bit. All day and evening leading up to a big gig I haven’t got a lot to say. The more years you DJ the better you deal with the nerves. I look forward to playing but also get the nerves.

Do you play strictly break beat or do you mix in other genres?

I listen to a lot of different music and am influenced by a lot of other things so if it’s the right tempo it could end up in a one of my sets. I like to mix up different styles.

Did you ever go to a music school or take classes to learn an instrument?

I didn’t but my Dad taught me to play guitar and bass when I was eleven.

Do you have any advice for aspiring DJs / Producers / Record Label owners?

You have to love what you do and work your arse off. Doesn’t matter how talented you are its all a lot of work and it will pay off.

What’s the plan for your musical future?

To retire to a house by the sea and make a country and western album.

Tell us some words of wisdom that you live by?

Better to burn out than fade away

Shout outs?

Yoshiko, Kaishu , Steve Sapien, Jake , Jawa , Break The box, Bitrok , Hyperion, Rich Vital and all the Dead Famous crew, Brooksie ,Jodie , Rich and all the Dead Edit crew, JMekka , all our extended friends and family in Bristol Angelina, Jim, Angle,Alice,Heather etc , Black Buildings Osaka Japan, Mr Ian Downs, George , Sam Vandal, SUMO boys Doyley, Fesco , Blandford ,Hightower and Josh , Wax On Wax off boys.
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Broj postova : 3410
Registration date : 14.10.2007

PostajNaslov: Robosapiens   4/12/2008, 13:48

Robosapiensi su breakbeat duo (Jamie Flukes i Steve Kyte)
iz glazbeno hiperproduktivnog engleskog Bristola. Osim što se bave breakbeat produkcijom, ova dva vrsna glazbenika su osnivači te alpha i omega odličnog Dead Famous Records labela, na kojem se mogu pronaći ploče raznih prvoligaških breaks igrača. Jamie & Steve dolaze sa, uvjetno rečeno, različitih strana. Dok je Jamie bivši drum'n'bass dj, odrastao na alter rock bendovima kao što su Jane's Addiction ili Pixies, te gitarist u raznim opskurnim rock/punk/indie bandovima, Steve se prije Robosapiensa zabavljao techno/acid zvukovljem u projektu Pranksterz ili kao Fickle Steve. Na projektu Robosapiens ih je ujedinila ljubav prema Rolandovoj kultnoj mašini, tako da je njihov zvuk krcat kiselim acid zvukom. Jamie, osim u projektu Robosapiens, djeluje zajedno sa Sneaky Kreepsom, šefom sa Edit Recordsa, u projektu DHD (Die Hippy Die). Većina diskografije im je objavljena na vlastitom labelu, ali njihove ploče objavljuju i drugi (Sinister Recordings, Wut Eva, iBreaks, Edit Records). Osim što su vrhunski producenti, njihovi su remiksevi priča za sebe i uredno su bolji od svih originalnih verzija koje su obradili. Neki od producenata koje su remiksirali su Vital Substance, 4Kuba, Bitrok, JMekka, Hironimus Bosch itd. Što se nastupa tiče, svirali su na mnoštvu događanja širom Europe, pa sve do Japana...Imaju i svoj Dead Radio Show na

Chasing The Buzz / Dead Famous Records / 2005
Acid reign / Sinister Recordings / 2006
Cold Sweat / Wut Eva / 2006
What's Wrong & Come On / Dead Famous / 2006
Fuck Off Peaches & The Trussed / Dead Famous / 2007
New World Order & The Truth / Dead Famous / 2007
What's Going To Happen' w/JMekka / iBreaks / 2007
Charlie Don't Surf EP / Dead Famous / 2008
Sirens / Edit records / 2008

Vital Substance – Getting it off (Robosapiens Remix) – Dead Famous
Bitrok – The Real (Robosapiens Remix) – Dead Famous
Vital Substance – Crowd Control (Robosapiens Remix) – Systematica
4Kuba – Jonny Depp (Robosapiens Remix) – Systematica
Mcqueen – Don’t Be Fooled (DHD Remix) – Edit Records
Jmekka & Jbass – Freestyle (Robosapiens Remix) - Ibreaks
Hironimus Bosch - Gamma - (Robosapiens Remix) - Aux

The combination of a drum 'n' bass graduate and a techno survivor, Robosapiens uncovered a mutual interest in breaks that has lead to some memorable gigs and studio successes. The Robo/Sapiens - Jamie Flukes and Steve Kyte - met while DJing breaks at parties around Bristol, a club scene both knew well from years of service in the city. Jamie had previously earned his stripes as a resident for Drive By, Bristol's leading drum 'n' bass night, as well as gigs for other promoters including Bulletproof in Cardiff and Pink Lime in Bristol. Jamie has pushed the Robosapiens sound abroad with regular visits to Japan playing Tokyo's prestigous WOMB. Formerly one half of techno outfit Pranksterz, Steve is no stranger to the studio or club environment and has DJ'd throughout the UK and Europe, not to mention releases on major dance music compilations and countless releases on his own numerous labels. Their music draws on their former styles, adding a tech edge to rolling breaks with some deep tracks and some upbeat ones - all capable of igniting dancefloors.

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daniella downs

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Age : 40
Location : Laurel, MD
Registration date : 19.01.2010

PostajNaslov: Remix Contest // Robosapiens - Sirens   5/10/2010, 22:46

We at Dead Famous are back with another remix contest that focuses on what we love most…you guessed it, ACID. Always ones for getting new artists involved, we’re holding a contest for one of the Robosapiens most acid laden tunes, Sirens. Originally released on Edit recordings, Sirens was acid breaks to the highest order. The kind folks at Edit have been nice enough to let us hold this contest, but because it didn’t technically come out on Dead Famous, we hope you understand why we can’t give the tune away free along with the parts.

The winner of this contest will see their remix as part of the 2nd Remix LP on Dead Famous, due out in April of 2011, and featuring artists such as Run Riot, Boonos, Kickflip and others.

Send all entries (and questions) to Entries must be in 320 mp3 format. PLEASE don’t just send an email with a link and no information about yourself, as most likely those will be ignored.

The deadline for entries is January 1st, 2011, which should give you all plenty of time. Also note that what kind of stuff we put out – that’s what we’re looking for here. Breaks, house, or techno for the most part. And if it melts our faces off, that’s a plus.

Download the parts here - YA5B8HWE

And here’s a link to it on Juno, just so those that don’t know the tune can get an idea of it, as you can hear the whole tune in their player –

Best of luck to all entries!
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